Terms and Conditions

www.ecosmoworld.com is leading Infra portal promotes products through infra website.

1. We have following options to register your company with us.

2. Advertisement in listing products

3. Banner Advertisement ( Home page)

4. Banner Advertisement

5. New Equipment

6. Spares

7. Infra Business

(Display standard size will be 266 pixel x 189 pixel)

(Display standard size will be 263 pixel x 390 pixel)

New Equipment


Infra Business

New project

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(Display standard size half page will be 263 pixel x 195 pixel)

1. Used Equipment advertisement

(Display standard size will be 533 pixel x 380 pixel)

2. Send your product image in JPG file as per given size .

3. After getting payment, your advertisement will be displayed.

4. You can pay advertisement charges by Bank transfer or cheque payment.