KNR constructions has bagged order Rs. 603.63 Crore

KNR Constructions has received a new order worth Rs 603.63 crore on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode. The order includes - upgrading Cheyyur – Vandavasi Polur Road ( SH-115) from Km 1/620 to Km 42/66, Km 44/505 to Km 47/367, Km 52/700 to Km 78/295, Km 80/562 to Km 103/780 including ECR Link (ODR) Cheyyur – Panayur Road from Km 0/000 to Km 4/720 to two lane with paved shoulders and construction of by passes for Vandavasi town from Km 47/367 to Km 52/700 and Chetpet town from Km 78/295 to Km 80/562 and one realignment for Maruthadu Village from Km 42/660 to Km 44/505 of SH-115 and maintenance of entire project stretch design length of 109.273 Km for 7 Years in the state of Tamil Nadu.